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Top 5 Must-Visit Best Beach Towns in Texas in 2021

Texas Beach

Top 5 Must-Visit Best Beach Towns in Texas in 2021

Picture this: You’re sitting on a nice, calm beach that has only a handful of people on it. You and your family or friends, all enjoying the breeze of the sea as you all walk on soft, white, powdery sand.

The sun is setting in the distance, and for a minute, you've left all your worries back in Houston, Dallas, El Paso, or San Antonio. You have good food, good beer, and good company. Everything just seems…. right.

But what if we told you that all of this isn’t far from reality? Heck, these places are all within reach of a Texan! You’d be amazed, wouldn’t you? To lessen your burden of searching for these magical places, we’ve done that all for you. Read along to discover the best beaches in Texas.  In no particular order, here we go…

1. Boca Chica

If you take the Texas Highway 4 and drive down all the way to where the road ends, you’ll come to a dead-end at the Gulf of Mexico, just miles away from the Rio Grande. This is the mouth of the river and is called Boca Chica. SpaceX, Elon Musk’s renowned company, has its launchpad nearby for easy transportation if you own a spaceship.

Getting away to a Texas beach is a great getaway. Boca Chica is about 8 miles long. There isn't much hustlin’ and bustlin’ going on over here compared to places like Corpus Christi. It’s an awesome place to relax beside the ocean on a chair with a good book in hand. Camping isn't allowed, so make sure you have a place to stay planned. There are some great places to stay in Brownsville, just a few miles down the road.

For people who like to go fishing, this might be one of Texas’ go-to destinations. Enthusiasts of snorkeling, surfing, and swimming won’t be disappointed either.  Boca Chica truly stands out as a place where Texans can come to get their batteries recharged!

Boca Chica Beach Texas

2. Port Aransas

“Port A”, as they call it, is located on Mustang Island. The island is a great place to head for the beach and has many other beautiful sightseeing spots too. You will encounter a good deal of wildlife here like dolphins, turtles, and shorebirds.

The beach is ideal for camping if you want to pitch a tent and watch the beautiful sunset. However, if you’re not into tent camping, there are a good deal of resorts, hotels, and vacation properties in the area.

As Port Aransas is known as the "Fishing Capital of Texas," it is no surprise that you will encounter some great sea food restaurants with great views. Port A is an overall incredible place for people who want to be outdoors. Take a boat from the Fisherman's Wharf and head out into the gulf to hunt for conches, seashells, and more! 

3. Galveston

Stretching for about 30 miles, Galveston is a beach that is long enough for you to find a quiet spot to relax alone or with friends and family. As far as the beaches to choose from in Galveston, Jamaica, East, and Stewart beaches stand out. Palm Beach and Seawall Urban Park have quite a bit to offer too!

Moody Gardens and Schlitterbahn are some notable tourist attractions you must check out. The rest of the city is bustling with Victorian-style houses and has a great charm of the South. The pier serves as a nice place to just chill and relax while enjoying the vibe and all the rides.

4. Rockport Beach

Fulfilling an irresistible urge to visit the beach is just a short drive away for most Texans. One that is high on the list is Rockport Beach. It was awarded by the Clean Beaches Coalition for being a “Blue Wave Beach”, the only one in Texas. It’s just to the north of Port Aransas, overlooking Aransas Bay.

Rockport Beach has a lot to offer. Only a three-hour drive from Houston and you’re sitting on a pristine beach that has jet skiing, swimming, windsurfing, and all kinds of other activities. Camping here is allowed and highly recommended. However, if you're someone prefers a hotel or B&B, Hoopes House and Lighthouse Inn are great too. For those looking for some good grub, Gulf oysters are a local delicacy that are sold at many of the local restaurants.

Overall Rockport Beach is a unique getaway from the crammed South Padre Island and the beaches that surround it.

5. Freeport

Freeport is a place that the beachgoer in you cannot afford to miss out on. Being only 61 miles from Houston makes it a convenient trip for most. Some might be surprised to know that Freeport has great access to the northern-most coral reefs in the US, Flower Garden Banks, which makes for some great snorkeling and scuba diving!

The usual activities of parasailing and jet skiing are available, like most beaches in Texas. Surfside Beach is a popular spot with golden sand and clear waters.  Marine life is abundant around Freeport.  The Brazos River dumps into the Gulf nearby.

Bryan Beach is must-see for a stretch of about 3 miles and Quintana is another reputable beach that is close to the city. Freeport also has some great museums that are worth checking out after you’ve had enough sun for the day.

Hungry while in Freeport, check out La Sirenita!

Final Thoughts

There are more than a few awesome beaches in Texas.  While California and Florida obviously are the US kings of beaches, Texas has several that can give them a run for their money. Freeport, Boca China, Galveston, Port Aransas, and Rockport Beach are some great sandy getaways for all Texans.

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