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Does It Snow In Texas?

Does is snow in Texas

Does It Snow In Texas?

It is very common to ask does it snow in Texas when you are planning a winter vacation or if you are stuck in the state during Christmas. Well, Texas isn’t a cold state and blizzards are not their thing. But it still presents some of the most beautiful snowfalls in America.

Snowfall occurs primarily in Texas' higher and mountainous regions during the winter. Other than that, it is hard to say, because the weather in Texas is notorious for changing its mood. A warm afternoon can see a drop in temperature within minutes. And there might be a foot of snow in the streets in the blink of an eye.

Before you plan a vacation in Texas to see the rare flurries, it is wise to learn about the best places and the patterns of snowfalls in those areas. So, keep on reading!

Historical Snowfalls In Texas 

Texas is not well known for its snowfalls. Although there are events in history when snowfall has overwhelmed the state. If you were wondering how the winters look in Texas, let’s learn about the historic ones first.

The northern portions of Texas were hit by a gigantic snowstorm in the year 1956. A total of sixty-one inches of snow was recorded that year.  In El Paso, Far West Texas, a historic 22 inches of snow was recorded in one day. This was from December 13th to December 14th, 1987.

Southern and central areas of Texas rarely experience snowfalls. However, in 1895, a total of thirty inches of snow was detected in some parts. The minimum was a crazy twelve inches. In recent times, the Holiday Season of 2004 saw thirteen inches of snow around mid-Texas.

One of the most severe winters in Texas was in 1983. The entire state was getting buried under a deep blanket of snow. The temperature was consistently below zero degrees for the longest time in Texan history at that time. The snow stayed on the ground for around fifteen to twenty days straight.

Texas experienced another extreme winter, most recently in February of 2021. Areas all over the state saw below-freezing temperatures for about a week.

Places To See Snowfall In Texas 

Does it snow in Texas? No, not that much. Some places see snow once in a decade. While others get very little snowfall every few years. Central Texas rarely sees any snow. Although when it snows in Texas, the sight can be marvelous. 

If for whatever crazy reason you want to see snow in Texas, the Guadalupe Mountains National Park can give you a glimpse. Higher areas like these are the snowiest places in Texas. Also, west Texas gets more snowfall compared to other parts of the state. Let’s have a look at some of the places in Texas where you can see the flurries.  

Does is snow in Texas

Guadalupe Mountains National Park 

The four highest peaks in Texas nest in the Guadalupe Mountains National Park. Elevations ranging from 3600 feet up to 8000 feet make these some of the highest places in the state of Texas. These peaks get covered in snow every winter. 

December and January are the main months of snowfall in this area. Snow can cover up the mountain roads and the hiking trails. So, if you plan on getting to the summit of Texas’ highest peaks, winter might not be the ideal season. 

There are two main camping grounds in the Guadalupe Mountains National Park. Both of these are open to tourists during the winter. However, the weather in the mountains can get pretty rough at this time of the year. So, before you plan a camping trip to the mountains, check the weather forecast first.

El Paso

El Paso is situated in the far west of Texas. Mountains surround the city. When the rare event of snowfall does happen in El Paso, along with these mountains, it creates a mesmerizing scenario.

Snow does not fall that often in El Paso proper. An average winter might see four inches of snow in this area. And that snow usually disappears as quickly as it falls due to ground higher temperatures. If you want to get a view of snow around El Paso, you’ll usually have to head for the mountains. The best site to get some El Paso snow is by far Franklin Mountains State Park.


Amarillo is the home of the Grand Canyon of Texas. Believe it or not, roughly eighteen inches of snow cover this high land annually! The snow usually falls in January. And when it does, it falls fast.

Amarillo usually gets snowfall every year. Although, a winter vacation in this area might not go as planned. That is because the weather can be pretty whimsical here. Some years the snow might not fall that heavy. Other times, it can take the form of a blizzard. Planning a winter vacation to Texas isn’t the best idea, but you can still get a glimmer of the white stuff from time to time.

The Grand Canyon of Texas or Palo Duro Canyon State Park is one of the finest of Amarillo’s snowy offerings. You can camp at the park and enjoy a beautiful winter evening.


West Texas gets a good share of the snowfall in the state. And Lubbock is the heart of it all. Snowfall isn’t a regular thing in this area though. However, every year it gets a little bit of snow here and there. Some seasons might bring eight inches of snow in Lubbock. Meanwhile, many winters pass here with only a drizzle of snowflakes.

You can expect to see snow in Lubbock in December and January. Snowfall as early as October has also been recorded. However, snowfall rarely gives rise to serious transportation problems here.

Dallas-Fort Worth

Dallas and Fort Worth are usually more on the warm side in the winter. The winter temperature in the daytime ranges from 50 to 60 degrees on average. However, the famous whimsical character of Texas should not be forgotten. Depending on the wind, the temperature can drop down several degrees pretty fast in a matter of a few minutes.

You can mainly see snow in these areas from January through March. Snowfall in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is not an annual thing. Some years might never see a single flake. In other words, don’t plan a winter vacation in this area unless the weather forecast promises something.

However, the occasional flurries in DFW are very special. So, if you are anywhere near here during a snowstorm, be sure to come and catch the sight.


The moody nature of the Texas weather makes it hard to answer the question of does it snow in Texas? However, you may have gotten a general idea of the state's snowy affairs.

I hope this article helps you plan your Texas adventure wisely. Thanks for stopping by!

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